I'm Caitlyn. I'm 25 years old and I have a passion for design, photography, dance, art, and yup, you guessed it...food & baking. It wasn't until I ventured out of college and into the real world that I truly discovered my passion to be in the kitchen. It began as an outlet for stress and shortly turned into a routine part of my life. I'm mostly self-taught in the baking department--- my dad has taught me a great deal about food & cooking, but mostly everything about baking I've figured out on my own. The only training I've ever had was one cake decorating class (I really want to start enrolling in some more!). I get overly excited about home & cooking sections in department stores and about food magazines, blogs, food photography & styling, and innovative recipes. The Food Network is practically the only channel that's ever on my TV. I am a foodie down to my core. 

During the day, I'm a graphic designer/creative services manager and I also work as a ballet teacher and a photographer. I've been a dancer since age 4 and am still continuing to dance to this day...you can find me in the studio about 4-5 days a week (...hence the name "Bunhead in the Kitchen"). Outside of work, I also do freelance design & photography and I love every second of it. But somehow, through my insanely busy life, I manage to get in the kitchen and explore as much as possible. It gives me the chance to practice food photography, which I absolutely love (& as a side note, I shoot with a Canon Digital Rebel XT). And it also gives me the chance to exert my creativity through the art of food, while continuing to teach myself everything and anything about baking and food in general. 

I'm more than excited to see where this will bring me. I'm loving this new adventure and I just love being a bunhead in the kitchen. 

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